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When I first registered this site 10 years ago there was already a wealth of information about beetles on the web. Even so it was difficult to find good insect photos as reference. That is no longer the case. The first link has images of very high resolution detailing the most minute parts of beetle anatomy. The second link connects to some very fine beetle and other insect photos by LeJun. The third link can make some sense of it and the last will lose you for months.

Invasives.org Invasive and Exotic Insects of North America with Images

www.pbase.com/lejun/beetles Beetle and other insect photos by Lejun

ZipCodeZoo.com Everything about beetles. Nice taxonomic tables

www.sasquatchdesigns.com Scientific illustrations of beetles and other organisms on t-shirts.

Google.com Type in coleoptera or beetles. There is an astounding amount of material and images.

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