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This is not a scientific site about beetles but rather an artistic exploration of beetle form and color. The material is polymer clay, wire, tinfoil and whatever might prove useful. Though every attempt is made to be accurate it isn't possible to portray the tiny details that entemologists use to distinguish between beetle species. Perhaps someday... I don't take specimens from the field but work from photos or other images. No beetles or any insect has been harmed in this effort. Any relation a beetle here has to actual size is accidental. Some of these guys are really tiny. There are perhaps 5,000,000 different species of beetles. Dung beetles, blister beetles, deathwatch beetles, flower beetles, ground beetles, handsome and pleasing fungus beetles and countless others fill every niche. They are the ultimate success story.

Beetles may be ordered individually or in sets. Due to the delicate nature of the legs and antennae they are not suitable as toys. Please see the Ordering and Making Beetles pages for more information.

G. Heath

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